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Campus Pack Wikis, Blogs, and Journals can be managed by using the links at the top of each Campus Pack site's page. This guide defines management features and demonstrates setting permissions in a Campus Pack Wiki as an example of a site management task.


Campus Pack management features and their functions are:

  • Subscribe - Users can subscribe to receive email notifications that provide a summary of changes to the subscribed content.
  • Export - Users with privileges to export can export a .zip file of a site including tags and viewer comments.
  • Settings - Site settings include the Title, Description, options for a custom icon and theme options to change the look of the site. These can be adjusted from the Settings link in each site. While this information is often added to a site when it is created, a user with permission may update a site's settings at anytime.
  • Permissions - User privileges for all sites are managed from the Permissions screen. This is where a site manager or other individual with privileges can determine who can view the site, as well as which users have permissions to edit, comment, tag, and/or manage the site.
  • Widgets - Widgets can be easily added to a Campus Pack site to enhance the site's functionality.
  • Assessment - The Assessment tool built into Campus Pack provides transparency into assignments. Instructors can see student contributions to CP Blogs, Wikis, and Journals to gain a better understanding of student progress.
  • Page List - A list of pages in a site
  • Attachments - Manage attachments to a site for more efficient storage.
  • Recycle - Allows selective removal of content from an existing site.
    • Caution: Once content is recycled from a site it cannot be recovered. Before recycling content, it is recommended that you export a .zip file so you can maintain an offline copy of the original site content.


Setting Site Permissions
Course Instructors have several options for configuring and managing a Campus Pack site, including setting site permissions.

To set permissions for a Campus Pack Wiki,

  1. Click the Permissions link at the top of the CP Wiki page.


To set Viewers permissions,

  1. Click the Viewers tab.
  2. In the Add Viewers section, select the course.
  3. In the middle section, select viewing roles. In this scenario, the instructor chooses Everyone to allow all people associated with the course to view the content.
  4. If you want, set Time Restrictions, then Click Add.
  5. Click Save & Exit. Note: Do not click Save & Exit if you want to adjust Authors from the default setting, click the Authors tab instead.


To set Authors permissions,

  1. Select the Authors tab.
  2. In the Add Authors section, select the course.
  3. In the middle section, select authoring roles. In this scenario, the instructor chooses herself, to allow only the instructor to edit the content.
  4. Click Add, then Save.
  5. Click Save & Exit. Note: Do not click Save & Exit if you want to change Owners from the default setting, click the Owners tab instead.


To set Owners permissions,

  1. Select the Owners tab.
  2. View The Owners section. By default, the CP Wiki is owned by All Course Builders, Instructors, and Teaching Assistants. In this scenario, the instructor chooses to leave the owners at the default setting.
  3. Click Save & Exit.


To manage permissions for Campus Pack Blogs and Journals, follow the same procedure.

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