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Last edited 4/01/14

The following is a table of known issues with Blackboard 9.1 and suggested workarounds.
Please see the Blackboard 9.1 - Known Issues key topic to view by individual area/tool.

Area Issue Resolution/Workaround
ASSESSMENTS (Exams, Quizzes, Tests)
Added 4/01/2014
Assessments (Instructors)
If viewing the Edit Test Options page on a PC with Firefox or IE and Help is turned off, the formatting of some settings displays poorly. Turn Help on to correct the formatting, instructions here, or use the Google Chrome browser.
Added 3/25/2014
Assessments (Instructors)
If a student takes an exam containing hotspot questions in Internet Explorer, viewing the exam submission as a student or instructor can throw an error. Instructors can warn students to not take their exam with Internet Explorer if it contains hotspot questions. Students can take these exams with an alternative browser. Visit here for more information and a work-around if you encounter this error.
Added 12/20/2013
Assessments (Instructors)
If the option "Show instructions to students before they begin the test" is left unchecked, students will not be able to see the test instructions before or after beginning the test. When creating or deploying a test, on the "Test Options" page, section 1, instructors must be sure to check the option "Show instructions to students before they begin the test." If this is not checked, students will not see the test instructions before or after they begin the test.
Added 12/20/2013
Assessments (Instructors)
If a student is set up as an exception to the Availability rules and a due date is utilized, the student can't access the test beyond the due date. Do not use "block test" option, instead set date range for availability of the test. Set due date if desired. Set exception for student and set desired time/date range. It still does mark the exempted student's test as late.
Added 12/20/2013
Assessments (Instructors)
If an Instructor uses the Mark Reviewed feature of Adaptive Release on a piece of content such as an assignment, then email and Dashboard notifications will not be sent to the Instructor. Submitted assignments will still appear in the "Needs Grading" section of the Grade Center. Do not use the Mark Reviewed feature on content that needs notifications working.
Added 12/20/2013
Assessments (Instructors)
Changing the test availability fields in Adaptive Release does not override the settings in Test Options. Edit test availability within Test Options, not Adaptive Release.
Added 12/20/2013
Assessments (Instructors)
When using conditional feedback "when: (All Attempts Are Graded)", a disabled enrollment in a course without an attempt or grade prevents feedback from showing for remaining students. Do not use this option under the feedback area. Choose one of the other options, such as a date or 'after submission'
Assessments (Instructors) Individual questions cannot be deleted from a test canvas after they have been added to the question pool. Random blocks of questions may be used in an exam, but the Random block may only be edited by Category
Assessments (Instructors) Tests with due dates that are inside an unavailable folder are accessible from the Calendar tool. Set the same availability or adaptive release rules from the folder to the test item itself.
Assessments (Instructors) If a test with randomized answers to multiple choice questions is modified, after a student has started the exam, to then NOT allow randomized answers, the student's selection of answers after submitting the test do not reflect those that the student had actually selected. Do not edit exam settings when there are pending/submitted attempts.
Added 12/20/2013
Content / Text Editor (Instructors/Students)
Blockquote Option Forces Trimming of text in VTBE when Using Internet ExplorerUse an alternative browser, such as Chrome or Firefox
Export / Import (Instructors) The email notification for completions of a course export/import process indicates that the process failed, though it actually completed with some minor errors. Scroll to end of email to check for completion message. Confirm completion by checking course content.
Added 12/20/13
Export / Import (Instructors)
Instructors can create a course export package by navigating to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course > Export Package. If the course contains a module page, but the instructor does not select the module page from the list of materials to be exported, after clicking submit an error is thrown. When exporting a course, always choose "Home Page" as one of the areas to export.

Course Files (Instructors)
Articulate or Adobe Presenter presentations to fail to play after the export/import or copy process. Upload original .zip files from your computer. 
Course Menu Sidebar (Instructors/Students) The Course Menu on the left is  collapsible. When it is minimized, you are unable to see the links to the other areas of your course ("Syllabus", "Course Materials", "Discussions", etc.)."  

Hover your cursor over the blue bar at the edge of the left side of the page, to highlight the minimized Course Menu bar. Click on the arrow that appears, and the Course Menu sidebar will expand.

Please see: Courses - Course Menu Not Displayed

Added 12/20/13
Discussion Board (Instructors/Students)
Changing pagination on discussion board pages above page 1 can result in data missing from view. Select "show all" or reload any valid page location.
Added 12/20/13
Discussion Board (Instructors)
De-Anonymizer Discussion Board pop-up "Set Author of Anonymous Posts" does not successfully update author, and results in the error: "Failed to process de-anonymization selection." Set all threads to "anonymous" from the pop-up then, in List View of the forum, change each thread author using the "Change Author" option from the "Thread Actions" menu.
Faculty Profile (Instructor/Student) When creating a Blackboard profile, if an Instructor enters virtual office hours in the Office Hours field, but does not enter information in the Office Location field, Students will not see office hours. However, Instructors can see the information in Edit mode. When creating a profile, Instructors should enter information, such as "Virtual", in "Office Location" to ensure that Students see their office hours.
Added 12/20/13
Grade Center (Instructors)
The Date Created field of Grade Center calculated columns (ex. Weighted Total and Total columns) defaults to the present date. None
Added 12/20/13
Grade Center (Instructors)
The Crocodoc Inline Assessment Tool Shows Instructor Document Annotations when the Grade Center Column is Hidden. The assignment is not visible in the student-facing My Grades area, but students can still view their submission when accessing the assignment through the Course Materials area. Hiding the Assignment from students in the Course Materials area will prevent students seeing the comments (but will also prevent students seeing their origianal submission).
Grade Center (Instructors) Some instructors have reported menu options do not appear when they click the chevron-buttons for the drop down menu in headings and cells. Clearing the browser cache will resolve the issue.
Grade Center (Instructors) If an instructor clicks on a "Group Assignment" to view or edit it, the fields may be populated with the data from the most recent student submission. This data is only visible to the instructor. Instructor may still view and/or edit the assignment. Remind students that ALL students in a group can see ALL assignment submissions from group members.
Grade Center (Instructors) The horizontal scroll bar may be missing or non-functional in some web browsers on a Mac OS computer. Adjust the setting for 'Show scroll bars' to 'Always' in the System Preferences (full article here).
My Grades (students)
If a student receives grades in a course and then the course is disabled from view, the student's central Global Navigation Menu no longer shows the My Grades area
My Grades can be accessed within a given course, in the Course Menu. This article covers My Grades
Groups (Instructors)The default setting for new courses is to ALLOW students to create their own groups.Change Group settings in a new course. In the Control Panel, click Users and Groups then Groups. Click Group Settings (to the right of the header) and uncheck boxes: Permit Students to Create Single Self-Enrolled Groups, and Permit students to Edit Student Created Group.
Groups (Instructors)
Tools that have been disabled still appear as options and default to ON when creating a groupCheck settings when creating Groups.
LEARNING OBJECTS TOOLS (Campus Pack Blogs, Wikis, Journals, Podcasts)
Campus Pack Podcaster (Instructors) Occasionally, Campus Pack Podcaster takes a very long time to load. Clear browser cache, close and reopen the browser and and try again.
Campus Pack (Instructors) Be aware that if you delete a link to a Campus Pack tool in Course Materials, the tool is still available in the Campus Pack Collaboration Space. Students will still be able to access the the tool from Tools> Campus Pack Collaboration Space. This is working as designed. After deleting a link to a Campus Pack content item, be sure to also delete the actual Campus Pack content in the Campus Pack Collaboration Space. Conversely, please note that if you delete Campus Pack Content in the Collaboration or Tools Area, the links to these items in the Course Materials area will break. The link will also need to be removed separately.
Rubrics (Instructors) When an instructor tries to edit a grade by filling out the associated rubric, the submit button below the rubric does not submit the form. There are two Submit buttons, one above and one below the rubric. Use the top button to successfully submit the form.

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